What Was The Inspiration Behind Joe Jonas’s Latest Tattoo?

Joe Jonas has been sporting a tattoo of a heart with an arrow underneath it on the back of his upper right arm since the summertime, but until now, the inspiration behind the design has been largely a mystery. Many fans who guessed it looked like one of Joe’s girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler’s drawings were right, tattoo artist Hrukti Kokayi revealed via Instagram. Hrukti (who gave Joe his first tattoo as well — the African “help me and let me help you” symbol on his right forearm) posted the above picture with a caption that explained the tat was inspired by one of Blanda’s paintings. How sweet! It’s been said that Blanda recently helped design Nick Jonas’ second tattoo as well, so the brothers must really love her and her artwork!

Which Jonas tattoo is your favorite?

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