Lea Michele Announces Her Debut Album @msleamichele

Lea MicheleThe Glee star, Lea Michele, shared some exciting new with her fans. Lea has been working on putting together her own music and it looks like it is a work in progress. She tweeted: “I’VE GOT SOME VERY EXCITING NEWS TO SHARE WITH YOU GUYS….. :)” Then, she tweeted the exciting news: “So excited for everyone to hear my first single Cannonball, off my debut album LOUDER!” and “WRITTEN BY THE AMAZING @sia!#CANNONBALL will be available instantly on Dec 10th with my album preorder!” That’s right! Lea’s debut album Louder looks like it’s coming out just in time for Christmas and the holidays so make sure to put that on your Christmas list! We can’t wait to hear her first single!

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