Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” Music Video Beats Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” Record


The rapper’s new music video, “Anaconda” has beaten Miley Cyrus’s record for the most watched Vevo video in 24 hours. Miley previously held the record with her music video “Wrecking Ball” which reached 19.3 million in 24 hours on Youtube. However, “Anaconda” scored 19.6 million views in 24 hours beating Miley’s previous record. The music video for “Anaconda” was released on Tuesday and now has over 34 million views.

Little Mix Celebrates Third Anniversary With Fans Online — Watch Here!


Former X Factor winners, Little Mix took to Twitter yesterday to celebrate the bands third year anniversary. Little Mix won The X Factor in 2011 and they have enjoyed commercial success since.

As they celebrated their anniversary together, the girls tweeted: #3YearsOfLittleMix! We love our mixers with all our hearts, THANK YOU for your support xx Little Mix xx #sisters” and they accompanied the video below with it.

Megan Nicole Releases Official Lyric Video For “Electrified” – Watch Here!!!

Megan Nicole

Several days ago, singer/songwriter Megan Nicole released a snippet for her newest single “Electrified”. Earlier, she released the lyric video for the song on YouTube, and the audio hasn’t even been released on iTunes yet. Essentially, this is a first listen on the song before it’s released anywhere else. The lyric video can be found below!

Hilary Duff Releases Lyric Video For “All About You” – Watch Here!!!

Hillary Duff

Several days ago, Hilary Duff released the audio for her newest single “All About You”. The single is doing fairly well, and Hilary is extremely happy with the outcome. Several hours ago, she released the lyric video for the single on YouTube via Vevo. The lyric video is very well-organized and looks very good, check it out below!

Hunter March Strips Down To Show He’s ‘All About That Bass’ – Your #MCM!


This week’s #MCM comes courtesy of Hunter March! The AwesomenessTV host (Awesomeness Hollywood and Daily Report) stripped down to show he’s “All About That Bass” in a lip-synced video to Meghan Trainor’s big summer hit. Responding to fan responses on his #DearHunter advice show, Hunter decided to make the lip-sync video to inspire teens to be themselves and not let their body image affect them. Check out the early sneak peak below! And please consider sharing with your readers today. Hunter March’s “All About That Bass” lip sync debuts tomorrow.

Check out shirtless Hunter in the video below:

Have You Listened to Jessie Ware’s “Say You Love Me” Yet?

Jessie Ware

With Jessie Ware’s album Tough Love coming out October 6th (October 21st in North America), she has decided to release a single “Say You Love Me”, which Ed Sheeran helped her write, both of which can be pre-ordered online. “Say You Love Me” will be included in the album.

Jessie released the audio for the song on YouTube which can be found below. Stay updated with us in case she drops the music video for it soon!

Amanda Steele Makes Another Back To School Video, With A Giveaway – Watch Here!!!

Amanda Steele

A couple of weeks ago Amanda Steele uploaded a “Freshman Advice” video on YouTube. The video consisted of her giving tips for upcoming high school freshman varying from what to wear, how to act, and so on. She made a statement about not needing school bags, which a lot of users commented that they definitely needed them for many different reasons.

Yesterday, Amanda made and uploaded the followup video titled ‘What’s in my Backpack! + GIVEAWAY (School Supplies)’. Amanda went out and shopped for some supplies that she used to have or would have in her backpack and talks about them and why they are good to have. Since Amanda goes to school online, the items that she shopped for will be given away.

In order to not spoil the surprise, make sure you watch the ALL THE WAY TO THE END in order to find out about the giveaway, the video can be found below!

The Vamps Take On The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge — Watch Here!


British boy band, The Vamps have teamed up with US girl group, Fifth Harmony to take on the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Fifth Harmony poured the buckets of ice onto The Vamps, and they uploaded the video to Youtube.

Watch the video below!

Carrie Underwood And Husband Mike Fisher Challenge Friends To ALS Challenge!

Carrie Underwood

Several hours ago, artist Carrie Underwood along with her husband Mike Fisher uploaded their ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to YouTube, which was originally made and done on Friday. They took their challenge in a large way by having the water being dumped out of a big front loader. The water was originally ice water but it melted, turning it into (VERY COLD) regular water. The video can be watched below!

Josh Levi Shows Some Summer Barbecue Outfits With JCPenney!!!

Josh Levi

Although school is starting soon and might have already started for most, summer is not over yet! Josh Levi was invited to a barbecue and decided to team up with JCPenney and invite fans and followers to see his outfit choices. Watch below!


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