Galvanized Souls Hit 100,000 In Less Than 1 Month


Galvanized Souls’ latest video for their single, CARRY ON, continues to climb into the hearts and minds of rock enthusiasts, surpassing 100,000 views on Youtube in less than one month.  Currently the video is now over 110,635 views.

“We’re stoked!” says Zakk Silveira, lead singer of Galvanized Souls. “The video for CARRY ON seems to be striking a chord with everyone who listens to it. We wanted to create a video that would inspire people to rise above bullying and hardship and carry on - and the message seems to be finding its way to all kinds of people, young and old.  This is a message everyone can relate to.”

The video is based on the story of an 11 year old boy from Michigan, named ColinIn a Detroit suburb on February 2, 2014, Jennifer Cunningham created a Facebook page to help her wish her son a Happy 11th Birthday.  Like so many kids, Colin suffered from bullying every day at school and didn’t have any friends to invite to his birthday party.  The world responded, and over 2 million Facebook friends later, GMA threw Colin a surprise birthday.

When Galvanized Souls heard about Colin through Facebook, they completely identified with him as they had experienced the same kind of bullying Colin did for being different.  They sent over an MP3 of CARRY ON to Colin and a few weeks later, they were shooting the video that traced Colin through a bully experience all too familiar to so many people.

Galvanized Souls are celebrating a phenomenally successful month with a multitude of features including USA Today, Detroit Free Press and Guitar World.   

Catch Galvanized Souls at one of their upcoming gigs this summer:

Cody Simpson And Justin Bieber Are Collaborating On A Special Project — WATCH NOW!












Bethany Mota Makes YouTube Video With Ryan Newman and Tiffany Alvord!!!

Bethany Mota

Popular YouTuber Bethany Mato has been uploading YouTube videos since 2009. She has stayed true to her original idea, make up, fashion, and any videos that apply to girls all over the country and world. Quickly gaining subscribers on YouTube, she has found her way into her own Aeropostale fashion-line.

Bethany recently teamed up with Ryan Newman and Tiffany Alvord to create a new YouTube video. The video is titled “Summer Girls Night Party“. Essentially, the video is of the girls hanging out and having fun creating snacks and decorations, then later discussing outfits. She also talks about what her and her friends do for fun too. The video can be found below!

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Popular Social Media Celeb Matthew Espinosa Gets Verified On Twitter, Vine, and Facebook!!!

Matt Espinosa

Social media is such a huge part of the daily routine nowadays, especially for the younger generation. Most use it as a way to contact friends, family, fans, and celebrities or icons. Social media is a way to let go of the real life stresses and express yourself in different ways, whether making skits and videos on Vine or YouTube, or creating statuses on Twitter and Facebook.

The one year old app Vine has created stars out of normal people such as Andrew Bachelor, Nash Grier, and Cameron Dallas, some of the most followed people on Vine. With a certain following along with a craft and mark in the entertainment industry, some of these celebs are getting Verified, which generally applies to professionals in the entertainment industry. Recently, with the verification of Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas, a lot more social media celebs are getting verified too.

About a week ago, Magcon star Matthew Espinosa who also started on Vine was also verified on Vine, Twitter, and Facebook. What this means is that he will have a blue check mark on the side of his name along with certain perks which can be found here.

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Another New ‘How To Build A Better Boy’ Promo With China McClain & Kelli Berglund — Watch Here!!

How To Build A Better Boy

Several weeks ago, we were to get two different sneak peaks for the newest Disney Channel movie “How To Build A Better Boy” which will be released August 15th of this year. You can find the first sneak peek here, and the second one here.

Yesterday (July 18th), another sneak peak was released on the Disney Channel YouTube page. The sneak peak video can be found below! Make sure you follow us on Twitter and the Website to keep up on what’s going on with the movie!

Zendaya Coleman Reacts To Leaving Aaliyah Film & The New Casting! – Find Out What She Had To Say Here!


Zendaya Coleman recently stepped down from playing Aaliyah in an upcoming Lifetime movie. Today it was revealed that Alexandra Shipp will be playing the role instead. Today, Zendaya took to her Instagram to tell her fans know why she stepped down, as well as her thoughts on the casting and film. Check out what Zendaya had to say in the clips below. We think Zendaya is a true class act and wish her lots of success on her next upcoming projects!

Demi Lovato Rocks Poptart’s ‘Crazy Good Summer’ Concert! – Videos Here!!


Demi Lovato rocked the house at Poptart’s “Crazy Good Summer” festival recently. If you couldn’t be there in person, never fear! We have a great collection of videos straight from the show for you to watch down below. Let us know your favorite Demi song in our comment section!

The show included some of Demi’s biggest hits, as well as a beautiful and inspiring speech from Demi herself. She always knows how to put on a wonderful, touching show for her Lovatics!

Michael McQuaid Releases “Sleepwalking” Music Video


Hailing from the music capitol of the world, Michael McQuaid is a force to be reckoned with. At 20 years old, this Nashville musician mixes pop with a bit of rock to bring his songwriting to the next level. McQuaid has announced his debut EP, Heart&Soul, will be released on August 26th. And today, Surviving The Golden Age has premiered the exclusive music video for the lead track “Sleepwalking.” Fans can check out the music video here.

From the sound of his first single “Sleepwalking” one would think he’s been releasing music for a decade. McQuaid explains the song to be quite naturally romantic, “‘Sleepwalking’ is more of story about missing the hell out of someone and wishing they were by your side to help you fall asleep. “Without you next to me it’s like I’m having bad dreams.”  We all crave someone to hold onto while we sleep… Even when we’re little kids we have our teddy bears to cuddle up to. As we get older, that teddy bear just turns into a real person.”

Heart&Soul was recorded and produced by Ethan Kauffman at The Elephant in the Room in Hollywood, CA and pays homage to the classic artists McQuaid grew up listening to. The EP includes a collection of songs that range from powerful pop ballads perfectly suited for Top 40 radio, to more soulful songs that would be just as at home in an old vinyl collection.

Check out Michael’s new “Sleepwalking” video below:


To Keep up with Michael McQuaid follow him at:

Abi Ann Releases “One Last Tear” Official Music Video


The effervescent country superstar, Abi Ann is releasing the music video to her smash hit, “One Last Tear”. Taking a break from her hectic tour schedule with Above Seclusion and IM5 on the It’s Getting Weird tour, Abi shows off her acting skills in the charming breakup video now onYouTube.

Showing off her more mature appearance and charming personality, Abi Ann is proving that she is a strong, independent young woman and resilient enough to make it through the heartbreak. Cruising down the backcountry roads in her car, Abi is resolute to leave her negative relationship in the past and put the future in her own hands.  Keeping the imagery simple, the music and story are at the forefront of this departure video as she sheds her past. Directed by Cumbia Films, the video shows the aftermath of a young woman’s break up and her ability to stay strong and move on.

The upbeat song focuses on the forward-looking manner of getting over a relationship, proving to be a relatable and empowering break-up song that stands out amongst the typical songs about the end of a relationship. Her soaring vocals are once again on display with a hypnotizing melody and catchy beat. “One Last Tear”, written by Abi Ann, Jill Krachmer, Jillian Farrar, Peter Waldman and produced by Buddy Hyatt and Jillian Farrar, was recorded at The Tracking Room in Nashville, TN.

2014 has been a monumental year thus far for Abi Ann.  This year, she took home four awards at the Indie Music Channel Awards including Teen Artist of the Year across all genres.  She headlined the largest anti-bully rally in her hometown of Midland, Texas along with Kenton Duty (Disney’s Shake It Up) this year as well continuing her platform to stop bullying. Not to mention, securing a spot in the tour opening for Above Seclusion and IM5, where she is performing as part of the It’s Getting Weird Tour. IM5 is a five-man musical act being developed by Simon FullerJamie King and Perez Hilton. Abi is no stranger to performing; her Daydreaming tour was a huge success, as she traveled from Texas to California promoting her release with thousands of fans. Abi also previously joined JNFEs’ No Bully National Tour, where she interacted with her fans and collected new fans in between, while supporting one of her most passionate platforms, anti-bullying. Abi turned her personal experiences with verbal bullying into fuel for songwriting, and became an anti-bullying advocate.

Abi Ann continues to strive for the music that will relate to fans of all ages. Watch for new music coming this summer and fall from this country artist. Purchase her single, “One Last Tear” on iTunes, and check out the newest video here.  Keep up with her at her website

Check out Abi’s official music video for “One Last Tear” below:

Riley Learns How To Flirt On All New ‘Girl Meets World’–Preview Pics + Vids!!



GIRL MEETS WORLD – “Girl Meets Sneak Attack” – Riley becomes jealous when another girl flirts with Lucas, so she enlists Maya and Farkle’s help to learn how to flirt too, in a new episode of “Girl Meets World” premiering Friday, July 18 (8:30 PM – 9:00 PM, ET/PT) on Disney Channel.


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