Justin Bieber Supports Friend Floyd Mayweather!!


Justin Bieber flew to Vegas to go watch the big fight tonight, September 13th. He spent some of his day by the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel before heading over to the fight.

Justin was super stoked to watch his friend and the champion Floyd Mayweather fight tonight. He supports Floyd at every chance he can get, and he has been in attendance at pretty much all the fights recently. Check out a photo of them above!

“@justinbieber: Love you champ

Alli Simpson Gets Stuck In Whose Sandwhich?! — Watch Here!!


Alli Simpson got stuck in a sandwich! She was walking around backstage when bam, she was stuck in a Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas sandwich. Be sure to check out the hilarious video of Nash and Cameron sandwiching people below!

“@allisimpson: Ahahahah cheers for the sandwich & @ :50seconds”

Makeup Tutorial With Brandi Cyrus & Kirsten Kelly — Watch Here!!


Kristen Kelly and Brandi Cyrus put together a makeup tutorial for a great everyday look. Watch Kristen in the video below do Brandi’s makeup. When you read the about after you watch the video, the gorgeous girls tell you all the makeup they used and where you can purchase it.

It’s An Alli & Tanner Reunion!!


Alli Simpson had two meet and greets today, September 13th. One of them was in New Jersey and the other one was on Long Island.

Tanner Zagarino who starred in Alli Simpson’s “Notice Me” music video went to Alli’s meet and greet at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island. It was nice to see these good friends reunite, check out the photo above!

Is Cody Simpson Doing A Follow Spree?


Cody Simpson has hit 7 million followers on Twitter! He has been super busy playing sold out shows and recording music on his free time. His fan base has grown so much!

Congratulations on reaching 7 million Twitter followers Cody! In honor of this milestone he is thinking of a Twitter follow spree to celebrate tonight, head over to Cody Simpsons Twitter to see if he posts any details.

TI Exclusive: Jackie Evancho’s Back To School Playlist Premiere — Listen Here!!

Fourteen year old classical crossover sensation Jackie Evancho has been quite the busy bee recently releasing new music and getting ready to release new music. Everyone now is back to school or getting ready to head back to school, so in honor of that Jackie wanted to share a playlist she created with you all. The songs on her “Ready To Go Back to School” playlist are all songs you can listen to on the bus, getting ready for school or just doing homework. List to her playlist she made just for you below!

Jackie also released her official video for Phantom of the Opera’s “Think Of Me,” the first single off her upcoming album Awakening. Awakening is due out on September 23rd via SONY MUSIC MASTERWORKS and in the meantime the album can be pre-ordered now on Amazon and iTunes.

“From the moment I saw Phantom of the Opera, with my family, I knew I wanted to record ‘Think of Me.’ It’s such a beautiful song.” – Jackie Evancho in a recent interview with People. Watch the Jackie’s official video below!

Stay up to date on Jackie Evancho by visiting http://www.jackieevancho.com.

TI Exclusive: Interview With Owl Eyes — Read Here!!

Owl Eyes
TeenInfoNet had the opportunity to interview Owl Eyes, read the exclusive interview where he talks about music, touring and more below!
Thank you for taking the time to answer some TeenInfoNet questions! How have things been going?


Pretty Good! I’m in Minnesota as I’m responding right now. This is probably where I’ll be for a good while. I’m moving into the McNally Smith dorms for college, and I’m trying out my new laptop. Everything’s pretty snazzy.

What’s the story behind the name Owl Eyes?

Back in the summer of 2013, I knew I wanted to do what Trent Reznor does with Nine Inch Nails: be a solo-act under the disguise of a band name. To me, that’s much more approachable than someone’s name. I just don’t like my name on paper. It doesn’t have a pristine quality to it (at least…not yet, *Wink Wink*).

I was writing down all these band names on my phone and “The Owl-Eyes,” came about because it’s a reference to the novel “The Great Gatsby.” In the book, there’s one minor character (called “The Owl-Eyed man”) who finds himself in Gatsby’s Library and notices that all the books are real and yet they have not been read. Many literal scholars have analyzed this moment in the chapter as a big character motif of Gatsby; Gatsby is a pseudo-intellectual. He buys all these books on big subjects, and yet he doesn’t read them. But why? That’s because with the crowd of people he wants to surround himself with, he knows what lengths he’ll have to go to to fool them into thinking he’s one of the big-shots. The books are just as fake as they (and him) are. Only the Owl-eyed man noticed this.

The reason I chose “The Owl-Eyes,” is because, like the Owl Eyed man, I want to put the pseudos in their place. I want the world to know just what they truly are.

What was your inspiration behind your songs on Schizo Girlfriend?

“Crazy Little Lady,” was in my head a year ago. I was playing the track on an acoustic guitar and recording it on my phone while visiting the McNally Smith college campus (the college I am now going to). The sound sonically, came about as a mixture of TOOL and Soundgarden.

Lyrically, I drew my inspiration from pop/rock acts like Aerosmith and Deep Purple with just a hint of Corey Taylor being silly thrown into the mix.

The song is all about when you first fall in love, everything is new and exciting. You still have the fears about relationships you had before you even met this person that you’re in a relationship with, but you think back to what you were like before you met him or her, and you find yourself to be nothing.

I take this view (of seeing yourself as nothing before the relationship) as your memory becoming biased due to the chemicals going off in your brain when you’re in-love. To think so badly about who you when you were single, and to base your whole life around the relationship and nothing else it’s just bogus. You got to love yourself as an individual before you can love someone else. Or, as Childish Gambino put it, “How you gonna trust somebody when you can’t trust yourself?”

So basically, the song is asking the metaphorical lover, “Hey little mama? Do you know what I was like before I met you? Because as of right now, when I think back to when I was a loner, all I see is darkness; and it may be the love talking, but I don’t care. With you, I feel I can take on anything. As long as you’re there, I’ll be fine.”

It’s both snarky and optimistic at the same time; just like how I am as an individual.
“I’m better alone,” is the first song I ever wrote ever! I think I wrote the lyrics and riff back when I was 14. Maybe even 13? The riff was inspire through osmosis by the song “Debaser,” by The Pixies. Later, I incorporated sounds from The Strokes, Jesus Lizard, and Helmet into the mix.

The lyrics are about that indignant/self-righteous feeling one gets when coming out of relationship. At first you’re sad, but then you’re mad and you feel that the other person was holding you down. there’s nothing wrong with feeling confident that you’ll find someone new. But there is something wrong about slamming the other person in the relationship and thinking nothing more of them except as dead weight after the relationship falls apart. To think, “I was better off without them,” is wrong!

Everybody needs somebody, always. It’s important to respect and love yourself first, but know that in the words of Chance the Rapper, “Everybody’s somebody’s everything.” You can’t blame the other individual for not making the relationship work. A relationship is a singular body; it’s when two people come together to form one. and I’m not talking about making babies. I’m talking about that feeling of being more than oneself when you get into a relationship. So when a relationship falls apart, it just wasn’t meant to be. That person is meant to be with someone else, not you, and you need to be cool with it.

Of course, when you get out of it [the relationship], you feel incomplete and so you try to justify it by saying “Well…I was the better half. I was better off without him/her. I don’t need them. All they wanted to do was use me. They lived for thrills and lust, I lived only to keep the relationship together.”

Please, listeners, if ever you break up in a relationship and you get this feeling coming on like you were the one in the right; please do a double take. Chances are, if you just let the insults fly and try to justify you’re position, you’ll just end up looking like a jerk.

“I’m better alone,” was written from that jerky perspective. When we all come out of a relationship and feel angry, the words in this song accurately reflect that indignant attitude we form.

“Schizo Girlfriend,” was inspired by the song “Schizophrenia,” by Sonic Youth. The song has a much softer feel as compared to the more loud and abrasive noise rock Sonic Youth is known for. And I just thought, “what if I wrote the song ‘Schizophrenia,’ but as if Sonic Youth decided not to be mellow and just go crazy?” And that’s how the song formed sonically. I used a lot of techniques that Sonic Youth uses in their songs for this track; from the low-fi recording, to the down-tuned/alternatively tuned harmonic guitar riffs. Even the snare drum had to crack just right to get that “Sonic Youth,” feel.

Lyrically, the song tells the story of two people in a relationship where the other is suffering from mental illness. Whether the narrator is the mentally ill one or not is up to you.

In perspective A, the narrator is reliable and is trying his hardest to help his lover out, but he just can’t take the daily grind and emotional turmoil one feels when trying to aid a loved one suffering from mental illness.

But if you wanted to, you can take perspective B: the narrator is the one suffering from the aforementioned “Schizo,” attitude. His words are vague enough that it could make since. “Juliet was left out among the weeping willows?” what does that mean? Following that line, the narrator talks about ripping out “The black pit,” called the “Heart.” That’s just downright violent and scary. It’s almost something a crazy person would say.

And that’s the point.

You can choose who’s in the right on this song. Whether the narrator is schizo or if the lover he describing is; at the end of the day, you’ll leave the track feeling “Schizophrenic,” yourself. and I hoped I achieved that. LOL.

Are there any projects you are currently working on?

As of right now, “The Owl-Eyes,” is the only thing I work on. What I do with it is entirely up in the air. I’m always constantly writing new material, but what I do with it is up in the air. I also just generally write fictional stuff (including fan fiction) and I’m constantly trying to come up with new ideas for video content on my YouTube channel.

You have now released 2 EP’s, is there an album in the works?

There’s always an album in the works my friend. Always. Whether or not I release it independently or wait to debut it on a label is all God’s decision.

Is there one thing you have to bring with you to every show? Any odd pre-show warm ups?

We provide live-sound equipment (mics for drums, monitors) unless the venue has that in advance. I have a large Randall stack amp and a 750 tube watt bass amp, with a six string bass and several electric guitars. I always take one guitar for back up or to be in an alternative tuning if my guitarist doesn’t have one or forget to bring his guitar. Drums are a pain to haul, but I’ll bring my own unless the venue provides it. It’s a stupid saying, but I always say “Got pots and pans? Then I can play your drums.”

Pre-show warm ups include the following; fear, trepidation, anger at becoming afraid, anxiety, hyperventilating, hyperventilating, passing out, and then killing the gig. LOL.

In all seriousness, I really don’t have that many pre-show warm ups. I’m just now starting to incorporate vocal warm ups; namely because I never have heard vocal warm ups before and this is my first time trying them out. Hopefully I don’t blow my voice out on stage. Instrument wise, I always jam before a gig to get loose and I play rudiments with my drum-sticks constantly!

One weird ritual I have is I have to drink a Dr.Pepper. I don’t know why. I just have more confidence and feel I perform better with that drink in my system.

Can we expect some live shows soon? Maybe a tour?

As soon as I can get a group of guys together who share my same passion in world domination, you’ll find us on the road. Expect anarchy, devastation, shattered vocal cords, broken bones, sweat and stages on fire!

Kylie Jenner Talks With Miss Vogue UK — Watch Here!!


Kylie Jenner recently did a feature with Miss Vogue UK. During her shoot she stopped to answer some questions about her style and more. Be sure to watch her interview with Miss Vogue UK below!

Benjamin Stockham ‘Dolphin Tale 2′ Premiere — Pics Here!


Benjamin Stockham was in attendance at the ‘Dolphin Tale 2′ premiere in Westwood, California on September 7th. At the premiere Ben walked the blue carpet wearing La Miniatura. Check out some photos below!

Happy 21st Birthday Dillon Daniel!!

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 4.06.23 PM.png

Today, September 8th, is a special day in Hollywood for a special star. Dillon Daniel!! He is officially 21! Happy Birthday, Dillion, and we hope you have the absolute best day ever.

Be sure to keep up with Daniel on his Twitter and wish him a happy birthday. Also you can catch Dillon in the new film Shangri-LA Suite alongside stars Ashley Greene, Avan Jogia, Luke Grimes and Emily Browning.


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