Nash Grier Is On Snapchat!


Nash Grier, the gorgeous blue-eyed 16-year-old from Vine, now has snapchat!  His username is “nashgrier” so go ahead and follow him for pictures like the one above daily!



Meet Some Of Your Favorite Social Media Celebs At Socialcon Chicago!!!


Social Media has proven itself time and time again that it can help unknown talent get recognized. Nowadays, a person with talent can go a long way with the right networking skills and a phone. Recently, there have been numerous talented stars recognized and popularized from social media platforms such as Vine, YouTube, and Twitter, some even make a living. Some of these celebs include the likes of: KingBach, Cameron Dallas, Destorm Power, Nash Grier, and many more.

These powerhouse celebs are commonly even more popular than Television celebrities or national athletes. Together in one place, thousands and even millions of fans come together to meet them when there are conventions. On August 23rd-24th, there will be a convention of 18 social media celebrities that will be part of a convention in the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center of Chicago.

The celebs will be: KingBach, Destorm Power, Reggie Couz, Tyler Ward, DJ And Drummer, Princess Lauren, Josh Peck, Superwoman, The HillyWoods, Cody Johns, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Carter Reynolds, Hayes Grier, Toby Randall, Anthony Quintal, Kingsley, and an unknown celeb that has yet to be picked!

These celebs will be doing different events such as meet and greets, photo-ops, interviews, and so on! For more information and ticket information/purchase, go here!

Justin Bieber & Nash Grier Hang Out! — Photo Here!

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 9.15.32 PM

Late last night Justin Bieber posted this picture with vine star, Nash Grier. Could the two be making vines? Or were they just hanging out? In the caption Justin did call Nash his “homie”. Tell us what you think the two could be doing right here on TeenInfo!

Nash Grier Uploads New Youtube Video — Watch Here!!

Nash Grier 1


Nash Grier has grown to be more than a vine and twitter star, he has emerged onto doing skits and recommended videos on his YouTube page to even starring in a television show that will be airing in the near future.

16-year-old Social Media star Nash Grier is committed to uploading content for all of his fans and followers every Friday on his YouTube page. This week he uploaded a video of his sister Skylynn (also social media famous thanks to him) putting makeup on his face, along with his mom in the background for around half of the video.

Make sure you check out the video below and follow him on Twitter, Vine, Instagram, YouTube, and his Website!





Nash Grier Answers Some Of Your Questions, Again!

Nash Grier

Sixteen year old popular Viner and Tweeter Nash Grier tweeted a few days ago that he would be answering questions that were asked using the #AskNash Hashtag (on twitter).

He’s done this before, and since the first time was a success he decided to do it again. Naturally, the #AskNash hashtag was trending worldwide. He answered as many as possible and uploaded the video yesterday. Check out the video below and make sure you tune in for next weeks video!

AwesomenessTV Announces Upcoming Film Featuring Vine Stars Nash Grier And Cameron Dallas


Ready to move beyond their six seconds of fame, two of Vine’s superstars, Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas have been signed to the AwesomenessTV network, it was announced today by AwesomenessTV founder and CEO Brian Robbins.  Nash and Cam, who between them have close to 12 million followers on Vine, will also be making a movie with Robbins, who credits the films he made with YouTube phenomenon FRED, as the inspiration for AwesomenessTV, the fastest growing destination for tweens and teens on YouTube.

In addition, Nash and Cam will be exclusively represented for sponsorship across all social media platforms except Vine by AwesomenessTV and for advertising as well on YouTube.

Nash, who has a mega presence on social media, with 3.5 million followers on Twitter and Instagram in addition to his 7.5 million on Vine, credits his fans for his success.  The 16-year-old relies on their feedback for what works and engages with them regularly.  For AwesomenessTV, he will focused on growing his YouTube channel.

Cam, with 4.1 million followers on Vine, will also be expanding his output for YouTube.  The 19-year-old also intends to reach more guys in addition to his huge teen/tween girl fan base.

“Nash and Cam have really authentic voices and a strong connection with their audience, which is why we’re so excited they are going to be part of the AwesomenessTV family,” said Robbins.  “Making a movie is a natural next step for them.  They already have a dedicated fan base.”

Nash Grier Reaches Twitter Milestone! @NashGrier


Nash Grier, a young teen youtube sensation, has recently hit 1 million followers on Twitter! He has recently been filming to be in Austin Mahone’s new music video! Who else is extremely excited?!

Austin Mahone + Some Famous Friends Go Back To The 70s For Music Video Shoot — See All The Fun Here!

A new Austin Mahone music video? Sign us up! A new Austin Mahone music video featuring the Janoskians, Midnight Red, Teala Dunn, Nash Grier, and Cameron Dallas? Our excitement just went through the roof! Add in the fact that they’re all decked out from head to toe in 70s style and Austin’s sporting a giant blond afro, and we’re ready to demand a release date ASAP.

In the meantime, check out the pics of all involved on set today for a sneak peek in the gallery below now and a bonus vid of Midnight Red in their costumes, spoofing Anchorman to some pretty great results, which they captioned: “Bell bottoms, silk, and a whole lotta chest on set today.”

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