Victoria Justice Finishes Her Voice Over For ‘Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List’ Film!


Actress Victoria Justice has notified her fans via Twitter that she has finally finished doing some voice overs for her new movie called Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List. For the past few days, Victoria has been working super hard on filming. She made the following tweet this past weekend:

Victoria also posted the photo above on Instagram and wrote the following note:

“Just finished ADR (voice over) for my new movie Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List with our AMAZING director @hanggilove . I’m so excited for this movie you guys. I’m so proud of it & it’s such a great story. Can’t wait for you to see it!! Xoxox @nokisslist”

The movie is about two people, Naomi and Ely, who have loved each other their whole lives even though Ely isn’t exactly into girls. The institution of a “No Kiss List” has prevented the two from rifts in the past, but bonds are tested when they both fall for the same guy.

A release date has not yet been announced but be sure to keep checking back with us for more updates on Victoria’s upcoming film.

‘Big Sky’ Official Movie Poster Hits The Net!

big sky
Bella Thorne took to her Instagram today to share an exciting photo! It seems that the first official poster of the upcoming movie ‘Big Sky‘ has hit the net! Bella posted the photo with the caption, “Oh my words. @francoarno @frankgrillo1 @jorgemichelgrau @rickytollman”

Although an official release date has not been mentioned, IMDB gives a tentative release of 2014, and we know that Bella and the cast were in New Mexico last October for filming.

The synopsis of ‘Big Sky’ reads, “A teen traveling with her mother to a treatment center for her agoraphobia has to fight for their lives against a gunman who attacks them.” We can’t wait to hear more about this thrilling and dramatic upcoming flick!

Hailee Steinfeld Attends ‘Barely Lethal’ Screening With Co-star Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner and Hailee Steinfeld are followed by Steve O asking them for a photo

Hailee Steinfeld, 17, attended the screening for her new movie Barely Lethal with co-star and friend Sophie Turner. The premise of the movie: A 16-year-old international assassin yearning for a “normal” adolescence fakes her own death and enrolls as a senior in a suburban high school. She quickly learns that being popular can be more painful than getting water-boarded.

Hailee and Sophie were photobombed by Steve-O as the pair walked up to the screening last night at The Grove in LA.

Check out pictures of Hailee and Sophie at Barely Lethal below:

Ryan Ochoa Talks ‘Mostly Ghostly 2′ With MovieWeb!

Ryan Ochoa has been receiving rave reviews about his performance in R.L. Stine’s newest hit movie based on the book ‘Mostly Ghostly 2: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend?‘ Ryan recently chatted with ‘MovieWeb’ about his spooktacular role, fans, upcoming roles, the supernatural, and more!

Check out his awesome interview with ‘MovieWeb’ below and be sure to watch ‘Mostly Ghostly 2‘ to get into the Halloween spirit early!

“This movie seems like it was a lot of fun to shoot. And that energy is infectious. It sort of permeates of the screen.

Ryan Ochoa: Exactly what you just said. That is what the movie was like. Even at the table read, when we were all together for the first time, we all knew that it was not only going to be a fun movie, but that it was going to turn out great. It was about working with professionals, and the best part about it is that we were all friends before the movie even started. It wasn’t even like work for us. Every day we went to set and had fun. It was like hanging out with your friends. Honestly, I think that was really important for the movie. You had the first one of these come out six years ago. Now you had a cast who started the franchise, and then they recast 99.5%. Madison Pettis was the only cast member who stayed with the series. I think it was really important. You didn’t want it to be different in a bad way. That could be bad. I felt like it was an awesome cast. It was all-star. I had the best time filming this movie, and the energy was there. We all had fun. I think that was the most important part. We all had fun together.

Just a few years ago, a movie made for direct-to-video was a low budget affair. It showed on screen. Now, this is on par with what we see playing at the cinema. This is as good as what I’ve seen from the upcoming Goosebumps movie with Jack Black…

Ryan Ochoa: Seriously, I’m not just saying this, but after day one…We started filming on a Wednesday, and, like Wednesday night, after we wrapped, people were like, ‘This should be on the big screen.’ It already had the mentality that it was going to be a Universal movie made for home video. That was super awesome. But everyone that was there, this had a lot of cast and crew members that worked on the first one…But they were like, ‘This movie belongs on the big screen.’ That became an exaggerated goal for all of us. We were like, ‘Oh, my gosh! This could be on the big screen.’ R.L. Stine had nine Mostly Ghostlys, and they are planning on more. Which is awesome. You never know, down the road. Its just like High School Musical. There were two movies made for the Disney Channel, and then the third one went to the big screen. If this installment of the Mostly Ghostly series does well enough, we will see a Mostly Ghostly on the big screen sometime down the road. The quality is amazing, and the crew is fantastic. We had awesome effects. The director was incredible. We had the best of the best on set.

Do you think Max will be back in the next Mostly Ghostly? And do you look forward to reprising him if that’s the case?

Ryan Ochoa: 100% million yes! I seriously had the best time! It was a month and a half, and it was the best role for me. It was like a dream role. Max is a dream role in this movie because I got to work with my friends, number one. I got to work on the backlot at Universal. My house was on Wisteria Lane, that was incredible. I got to scour the backlot. The whole part where I’m running from the Ghouls is the town square in Back to The Future. Where he rides the Hover Board and stuff. I got to do my own stunts, and they had me in a harness, which was fun. There was just so much to Max and this movie that was awesome. I’d love to do another one.

Did you get to have some fun with the Tram while you were shooting? Did you run out and greet the fans? Or was the set all closed off during that time?

Ryan Ochoa: I was going to bring it up. Yes, while I was filming…I remember coming to Universal while I was growing up, before I got in this business, when I was 5 or 6. I remember riding on the Tram tour, and I would tell my family, ‘Man, I hope one day I’m in that position. When people are driving on the Tram tour, and they get to see me on the backlot.” I actually got to have that experience! Like, a few times. There were people driving on the Tram and they were all, like, ‘Oh, my gosh! What are they filming?’ And the Tram is like, ‘He’s from Pair of Kings.’ It was awesome. But we also got to go on the Tram tour. We were there for a week, so we got to go on the tour, like behind-the-scenes, and it was really cool.

Being on the Tram, I’ve always been, like, ‘God, I’d love to go walk around on the actual set, or go swimming in the Jaws lake. Did you get a chance to fulfill some of those movie magic fantasies?

Ryan Ochoa: We did get closer…The first day we were there, I had the last scene, and it was all on green screen. So, I ended up coming to set early. I thought I was on time, but they said I still had time to spare. So they took me in a golf cart, and it was the last tram to go by. But we got a private tour on the golf cart. We got a private show of Old Mexico, I’ll never forget this. I got out of the golf cart. I was standing with the water falling over me. Like the box that falls, the whole flash flood that comes down. I was standing in the middle of it. It was cool, cause during the actual Tram tour, you don’t get to get out of the car. You know? I literally got to stand out of it, it was an incredible experience. The guy said, ‘If you stick around for a minute, we’ll run the entire show!’ It was wicked!

That sounds super awesome…

Ryan Ochoa: We were filming right next to the Jaws show, so we got to see that every day. We would get in the golf cart and drive up the hill, and it was right there. We saw some cool things, like what they do with the shark after-hours. I can’t give it away. There is no fun in that. We totally saw the shark, and how it moved and everything.

R.L. Stine is kind of like the Walt Disney of horror, so it sounds almost ludicrous to ask if you’re a fan. Every kid reads the books or has watched the TV show, right?

Ryan Ochoa: I loved Goosebumps. I was one of those mystery reader kids. Reading, there are so many genres, what do you really like? But in school, Goosebumps was always that go-to. Everyone liked it. I definitely liked it. To be able to be in a R.L. Stine movie is huge. Seeing the fans’ response is always so cool, ‘Oh, my gosh, you’re in an R.L. Stine movie? That is so cool.’ That was always a goal of mine. Its cool that I get to have this experience and share this. As a kid, too. I’m still a teenager. Its still a big deal for me.

Now, playing a kid that communicates with ghosts, and believes in ghosts, do you decide to pursue those interests as well? Did you do any research into the supernatural?

Ryan Ochoa: There’s always that question, do you believe in ghosts, and what not. Its like, I’m definitely a fan of supernatural forces and supernatural powers, stuff like that. Those are my favorite movies. The fiction, and all, you know? I guess you could say that I did study the whole, ‘Do you believe in ghosts?’ And ghosts encounters things. And one of our friends is a big director, and he just directed a film about a house that is haunted. I was definitely fascinated by that. Then, you also have that, ‘I’m a cool teenager, I don’t believe in that kind of stuff…’ But I definitely am interested in it.

Now, I have a friend that works over there at Universal, and I’ve heard that certain parts of the park are haunted. Did you witness any strange things happening while you were wandering around the backlot by yourself?

Ryan Ochoa: (Laughs) Dude, I have to say, at night time, that place is really scary. We filmed half of the week in the daytime, and half of the week was all night shoots. It was from 6:30, when it was still light out, but we didn’t start shooting until 8, when the sun was down. Then we were there until…My latest night was my best night, we were there until 6am. We were there all through the night. Oh my gosh! During lunchtime, we’d go off where the trailers are, in the dark, and these dark alleys, and it is scary! One night my mom saw coyotes walking around. It was scary, but it was fun. It was one of the fun experiences of filming this movie. Yeah, I was definitely a little scared in a few areas.”

Disney’s Feast Released New Movie Stills — Meet Winston The Dog!


“Feast,” a new short from first-time director Patrick Osborne (head of animation, “Paperman”) and Walt Disney Animation Studios, is the story of one man’s love life as seen through the eyes of his best friend and dog, Winston, and revealed bite by bite through the meals they share.

For more information, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter:

FEAST will open in theaters in front of WDAS’s new action-packed, big-screen adventure BIG HERO 6 on November 7, 2014.

Inside Look At Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out Plus Pixar Summer Movies To Go Ends Soon!

As you file away your summer vacation photos and enter Back-to-School season, Disney Movies Anywhere’s Pixar Summer Movies to Go is coming to an end!  All summer long, Pixar Summer Movies To Go featured fan favorite films with exclusive extras like special filmmaker introductions and film trivia as part of Pixar’s Ultimate Countdown of Secrets. 

This is the final week to get your favorite Pixar films from Toy Story to Monsters University for only $14.99, plus get an inside look at Disney/Pixar’s INSIDE OUT, coming to theaters June 2015!

This is also your last chance to get The Incredibles for FREE when you download Disney Movies Anywhere and connect your iTunes account – promotion ends September 1!

Download the free Disney Movies Anywhere app on your iPhone or iPad at, or go to to find out more about buying, watching, and collecting your favorite Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies anywhere!

China Anne McClain Thanks Her Fans For The Birthday Wishes — WATCH NOW!!


China Anne McClain celebrated her sweet sixteen yesterday, a major milestone birthday for practically every young teenage girl. Social media was all a buzz yesterday with messages from celebrity friends and family. Piper Curda tweeted, “Happy happy birthday you buhyoutiful girl! I do not get to see you often enough but I love when I do! Hope your day is rad xo”. Olivia Holt posted, “happy birthday ya cute lil thang. wishing you the best one yet”. And list of friends and celebrities go on and on.

Check out China’s “Thank You” video to all of her fans below:

Bella Thorne Releases First Trailer For Amityville: The Awakening — WATCH NOW!!

@bellathorne: Hair and makeup test #amityville

Bella Thorne just got a hold of a copy of the first trailer for her new movie Amityville: The Awakening, she couldn’t wait to post the trailer tweeting “OMGGGGGG here it is #Amityville trailer first look!” The premise of the movie is a single mother moves her three children into the haunted house not knowing of the house’s bloody history– also starring Cameron MonaghanMcKenna Grace, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Taylor Spreitler.

Amityville: The Awakening is expected to debut in theaters on January 2nd, 2015

Bella Thorne Recorded Her Audiobook For ‘Autumn Falls’


Candies girl Bella Thorne has had one busy summer — her movie Blended released in theaters, she became the face of the Candies brand, and co-wrote her first book series “Autumn Falls“.

Bella told Teen Vogue, “The first book in the Autumn Falls series tells the story of a 14-year-old girl whose high school life changes after an encounter with magic,” she says. “I was inspired by my own personal experiences with trying to fit in and starting over. I wanted to tell a story that other teens could relate to but with a little humor and in a slightly fantasy way. I wanted to tell a story that could impact teens with struggles that we all experience, and I wanted to tell it in a way that is a little escape from reality.”

Bella tweeted:

‘Hercules’ Movie Premiere In Mexico City — See Pics Here!!


The Latin American premiere of ‘Hurcules’ took place yesterday, August 18th, in Mexico City, Mexico. The red carpet preiere took place at the Cinemex Antara with stars like Dwayne Johnson, Brett Ratner, Carolina Moran, and many more in attendance. Check out some photos from the premiere below!


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