Demi Lovato Supports Ronda Rousey At UFC Event–See The Interview!!

Demi UFC Fight

As we reported earlier, Demi Lovato was seen attending the UFC fight event last night, July 5th. At the event she was interviewed and spoke about how she got into liking UFC as well as her thoughts about Ronda Rousey.

Check out the interview below for more.

Demi Lovato Gets Injured While Running–Details Here!!

Demi Twisted Ankle

It seems that Demi Lovato has sustained a pretty bad looking injury to her ankle while she was out running the other day as we reported. She twisted her ankle and now it is swollen up pretty bad.

Demi tweeted this photo last night , July 4th on  Twitter saying “Umm soooo… I guess when I went running and twisted my ankle I actually did hurt myself… AGAIN. Hahaha”

We hope Demi will recover quickly from this injury. It seems like she is laughing it off and in good spirits about it even joking with a fan that she needs new ankles.


Selena Gomez Gets Arrested–Watch The ‘Behaving Badly’ Trailer!!


Selena Gomez once again is a very bad girl in her upcoming movie ‘Behaving Badly’ Check her out in this newly released trailer for the movie below.

Are you guys getting excited to see this movie? Let us know in the comments.

The McClains Performance At The House Of Blues Was A Success!


The McClain trio has started appearing and performing together more and more as of recently. Yesterday, all day they were in Anaheim, California. They were doing a meet and greet in and out of DisneyLand Parks taking pictures, signing autographs, meeting fans, networking, and just enjoying their time there.

Later on in the day, they performed at the House of Blues (Anaheim) which we had released info and ticket info for several weeks ago which can be found here. They were also joined on-stage and off-stage by the iM5Band to perform and meet fans together. There were a lot of fan pictures and videos that were uploaded to twitter, instagram, and youtube in which the McClains retweeted and reblogged.

Below is a video of the McClain sisters talking to falalatv the day before the performance about the performance and themselves in general, also there is an Instagram video of their performance and a gallery of fan and press pictures.

Make sure you follow them on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated:




Selena Gomez Leaving Hollywood Records?–Find Out Here!!


It is being reported and we had already suspected that Selena Gomez may part ways with her current record label Hollywood Records. We suspected that Sel may dump HWR because of her recent management shake up.

Sel’s contract is set to expire after one more album according to the report and instead of making a new album it is being said that Sel and HWR have agreed to put out a greatest hits type album.

We reached out to Hollywood Records weeks ago concerning this seeking a comment from them and they have refused to issue any statements either confirming or denying that Sel will be dropping them.

If HWR wishes to issue a statement then they have our e-mail address. Until then we will accept this as going to happen. We wonder what label Sel will end up going to.

What are your thoughts about Sel possibly dumping Hollywood Records?


Selena Gomez Will Be ‘Behaving Badly’–New Sneak Peek Pics!!


Here is probably a fantasy come true for some. Selena Gomez behind bars in her latest movie ‘Behaving Badly’ scheduled for release in August. Earlier we had posted  some movie posters but now we have some actual screen caps from the movie.

The movie follows 18 year old Rick Stevens who is willing to do whatever it takes to win the heart of Nina Pennington. In his quest to land the girl of his dreams, he has to contend with her psycho ex, his best friends horny mother, a manic strip club manager, a perverted principal, a lecherous priest, his suicidal mother, and a patron saint with a camel toe. No one ever said love was easy

Check out the awesome caps from this movie below. Are you guys excited for this movie to be released?

Demi Lovato Jams At Microsoft Store Opening In Garden City, NY—Pics + Vids!!


Demi Lovato opened up a new Microsoft Store tonight at the Roosevelt Filed Mall in Garden City, New York by rockin the crowd in attendance. She sang hits from her latest album ‘Demi’ along with some older music.

Check out some more pics below along with a bunch of videos from her performance.

Demi Lovato Arrives In New York City–See The Pics!!

Demi Lovato Wears No Makeup as She Lands in NYC on the Anniversary of her Dad's passing

Demi Lovato was spotted landing in NYC wearing no makeup on Friday evening, June 20th. She had just tweeted a tribute to her father, who passed away a year ago today. She went incognito with a leather baseball cap, and her purple hair up in a messy bun. She still mustered up a smile as she posed for photos with fans before rushing into her car.

Demi will be performing at a couple of shows in New York. Check out the details here!!


Selena Gomez Dinner Date With Justin Bieber–Jelena Is Officially On Again!


The saying goes that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is so true when it comes to celebrity hook-ups. No matter what gossip sites may say, there is nothing better than picture proof.

With that in mind, we can definitely say that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back on as they were snapped by fans on a dinner date yesterday, June 20th, at Mastro’s Restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Take a look at some pics of them having dinner together and let us know your thoughts about Jelena being on again.

Selena Gomez Talks About Her UNICEF Nepal Trip–See The Interview!!

Selena Gomez visits Nepal in her role as UNICEF Ambassador

As we reported last month, Selena Gomez made a trip to Nepal as the ambassador for UNICEF. A new interview has been released of Selena discussing her trip  and how it put things in perspective for her considering the conditions that some people have to live in as compared to people in the USA.

Check out this newly released interview with Napali Entertainment below and find out what the trip meant to Sel.


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