Demi Lovato Is ‘YOU’ Cover Girl In The UK! – Check Out Her Shoot Here!

Demi Lovato is the current cover girl in the UK magazine and paper ‘YOU.’ This month! You can pick up a copy where all magazines are sold in the UK. Check out Demi’s rockin’, bold fashion choices for ‘YOU’ below! Let us know what you think of Demi’s shoot in the comment box below. In the magazine Demi discusses her upcoming music, recent tour experiences, and more! This is definitely an issue not to be missed!

Something You Whisper Release “Really Don’t Care” Demi Lovato Cover Video


The Cambridge, Ontario-based band began to take shape in early 2011; harnessing the talent of Wes Will (vocals), Tom McArthur (drums), Kyle Adshade (guitar/vocals), Austin Palladini (guitar/vocals), and Brian Shepherd (bass/vocals). The quintet defines themselves in their songs and performances, emanating an intense energy that masterfully blends with catchy hooks and choruses. This was exemplified in the bands debut EP, “Nostalgia”, with the help of producer Jordan Valeriote (Silverstein, Structures, and Dead and Divine) at Sundown Studios. In February 2013 the band re-issued “Nostalgia”, including two songs previously unavailable and their brand new track “20/20 in the 3rd.”

Since the inception of the Punk Goes Pop series in 2002, bands in the punk, rock, alternative, and hardcore genres have been turning hit pop songs into their own. This time, Something You Whisper covered the now No. 38 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100, “Really Don’t Care” by Demi Lovato ft. Cher Lloyd. The post-hardcore quintet gave the song a facelift, adding in double bass, low growls, and guitar riffs that would please anyone in their scene.

Listen to Something You Whisper’s cover of “Really Don’t Care” below:

Something You Whisper Online

Teala Dunn Has A Crazy Good Summer With Ryan Beatty & Demi Lovato — Watch Now!

teala dunn demi lovatoTeala Dunn was able to have a Crazy, Good Summer so far thanks to PopTarts! The young actress headed down to Dallas, Texas during one of the Crazy Good Summer concerts where she got the chance to meet up and interview up and coming artist Ryan Beatty! She also met Demi Lovato during the meet and greet with a photo op!

Check out Teala’s awesome time below!

Demi Lovato Credits ‘Nine Zero One’ Salon For Her Rockin’ New Do!

Ever wonder where Demi gets her hair done? Well now we know her secret to those rockin’ locks! Demi recently decided on a shorter to and she went to her friend Riawna Capri at Nine Zero One Salon in LA to receive the beautiful cut and color.

Demi took to Twitter to praise Riawna’s work saying, “Just went shorter!!!! only the best from @RiawnaCapri at @NineZeroOne

What do you think of Demi’s new look? We think we want to book an appointment at 901 stat! Looking lovely Demi! :)

Demi Lovato Talks Music, And Her Weird Dream With Ryan Seacrest – Listen Here!

Demi Lovato caught up with Ryan Seacrest yesterday and dished some exciting news about her upcoming music! She also let Ryan in on a weird dream she had about him recently in which he was crying!

Demi says, “I’m going to start rehearsals very soon, I’m still putting together surprises and things like that, so I’m not entirely sure what’s going to happen. But I know it will be something. I’ve never played Staples, so I want it to be unforgettable.”

It sounds like Demi is very excited about her upcoming Staples Center show in LA next month! Will you be there?

Want to listen to more of what Demi had to say? Go HERE to find out!

TI Exclusie: Trying Out For American Idol!

July 23, American Idol held auditions on Long Island, New York.  For over a year I have been wanting to go try out for one of these shows, The Voice, American Idol, X-Factor, etc.  This time, the audition was only about forty-five minutes away so I figured, what the heck?  Am I good enough to be the next American Idol? If I’m being honest, probably not.  But, I can sing and as I’ve been told, I have the personality for television.

So, I texted one of my best friends (and TI’s President) Kayla.  She was all about coming with me to be my support system and suddenly K-squared was waking up at five o’ clock in the morning to get to the coliseum in Uniondale, New York. (I’m the one holding the camera in the front, Kayla’s in the hat!)

Upon arriving we jumped into the second ‘line’ of anxious musicians hoping to get that lucky chance to sing on television.  I say ‘line’ because it was more of a heard of people just placed in a space confined by those metal gates.  We were all excited, nervous, and tired. We stood in that line for about an hour before we even got up to the front to get the paper work, wrist band, and ticket to get in.

Then, we were put right back in the same line.

Standing outside for those two hours, it was really hot, but we met some awesome people!  There was the fifteen year old who was going to be singing ‘Stop & Stare,’ the 26-year old who auditioned for The Voice last year and made it through the first three rounds of auditions, and the other 19-year-old with the perfect amount of rasp to her voice who was going to be singing an Amy Winehouse song, then there was the guy who was positive he knew me from somewhere.  Apparently I have one of those faces?

Around 9:30 we finally got the chance to take our seats in the arena.  We sat from 9:30 until about 2 o’clock before I got to audition.

Down on the floor, there were 8 tables set up with two ‘producers’ at each table.  Four singers would walk up to each table and one person at that table would sing a quick 30 second part of their song for these producers.  If you moved onto the next round of auditions you walked to the left after auditioning; if you weren’t moving on, you walked to the right. Whenever someone walked to the left, the entire arena cheered. There was such a sense of community among all of these strangers who were competing against one another.

Every so often, we could hear some of the singers as they belted a note or two.  One girl, who held a guitar and had a killer pixie cut that matched her jean vest, she sang and the rest of us got quiet just to hear her voice.  She was amazing. And then she walked to the right. We all yelled out our disagreement, but once those judges make their decision it is made.  She bowed to all of us as her cheeks got extremely red while we all cheered how great she was.

There were a bunch of other great singers that got turned down as well. You see, these producers are looking for something very specific.  A look, a voice, a song.  They aren’t just looking for amazing singers, they need the whole package in order to make great reality television.

But what about when I went down?  I was not nervous at all because this wasn’t my make-it or break-it moment in life.  This was for fun more than anything else, an experience that I would remember and could tell the story to my grandkids one day.  I got to audition with the fifteen year old and the 26-year-old that I had been talking to all day.  We went down to the floor, waited in yet another line, before we even got to stand in front of the producers.

They were really kind, they smiled as they took our papers and then called us up one at a time.  They were all great in their own way.  The fifteen year old will make a great audition to any boy band in the next two years.

I sang “Warrior” by Demi Lovato, and the nervousness didn’t kick in until I finished what I was singing.  The producer liked my choice of song, and smiled and bobbed his head as I sang.

Unfortunately no one from my new group of friends made it through the next round.  The producers told us to keep at it, we were all great singers but that they were looking for something specific. “Practice singing in front of people and come back next year,” was the piece of advice they had for all of us.  We thanked them with a smile and walked up.

I felt great! My first audition behind me, and the want and need to do it again.  So I’m not ‘The Next American Idol’ this year, maybe next year I will be. Heading to an audition like that was so fun.  I met amazing people, and did something not many people have the guts to do.

Wil I audition again? Absolutely. I will be heading to any open casting call next, maybe acting is more my thing?  And next year, when The Voice and American Idol auditions come around again, I will be in line again at six in the morning!

Demi Lovato Is In The Studio, Promises Amazing New Hit Soon!

Demi Lovato keeps her promises to her fans. She recently told fans to expect new music very soon and she is set to deliver! Demi took to Twitter recently to share some exciting news.

She posts, “In the studio recording a hit… Mark my words!!! It’s AMAZING!!!!” How exciting! We can’t wait to hear more music from miss Lovato very soon! What is your favorite Demi hit?

Demi took a mini break from touring and recording to grab a healthy green drink on the go. Nothing like some delicious healthy fuel to inspire creativity! Way to go, Demi!!

Demi Lovato Shooting A New PSA In So-Cal 7/25 – Looking For Fan Participation!

Attention So-Cal Lovatics who are members of the Lovato Club! Demi Lovato will be shooting a brand new PSA tomorrow in Manhattan Beach, California on July 25th. The shoot will take place from 10am-6pm. The Lovato Club team is looking for extras to be in scenes for the public service announcement. Remember this is for Lovato Club members who have RSVP’ed and received a confirmation e-mail only, but Lovatics in the area should keep an eye out for Demi to see if you can spot her! Good luck, and have fun to everyone attending!

Demi Lovato Chats With ‘Extra’ About Food, Music, The President, & More! – Video Here!


Demi Lovato had a blast performing in Long Beach, California last night. The busy miss Demi took a few moments out from her busy schedule to chat with Extra about food, music, and even the president in the interview below! Demi also debuted a new do on Instagram last night which is pictured above. We love her shorter black & purple locks! You go Demi!!

Demi Lovato Shows Off Her New Skechers Shoes After Skechers Campaign Announcement!


Just yesterday, it was announced that singer Demi Lovato will be the new face of Skechers for their global marketing and social media campaign. Now that Demi will be representing the footwear brand until 2016, the star got a brand new pair or Skechers shoes! Demi posted a photo of her news shoes and included the following note:

“So excited to partner with @SKECHERSUSA for their new campaign!!! Loving my new kicks”

We sure are excited to see Demi in the upcoming Skechers commercials. Be sure to keep checking back with TI for more updates about Demi’s new campaign with Skechers!


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