Alli Simpson Shoots With Nationalist Magazine!

Alli Simpson spent her day today, September 19th shooting with Nationalist Magazine. Alli’s mom, Angie Simpson, posted the photo above to Instagram.

We are unsure if Alli will be the next cover girl or if she is just shooting a magazine feature. We will have to wait and see!

Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson Team Up For A New Photo Shoot!

When Justin Bieber recently told fans that him and Cody Simpson were planning something big, they weren’t kidding! Justin and Cody recently headed out to the hills of California and did a photo shoot with Nick Onken on September 17th. Justin and Cody also gave fans a sneak peek at a new song they did together HERE! We can’t wait to hear more in about 8 weeks time!

Check out another photo behind the scenes of Justin and Cody’s awesome shoot below!

Enter The #ARALLACCESS Flyaway Sweepstakes To Meet Cody Simpson — Details Here!

Cody SimpsonOkay, everybody raise your hand if you would love a chance to hang out with Cody Simpson?? (We’re sure everybody’s hand has just flown up into the air)

American Rag magazine and Cody Simpson wants you to enter their #ARALLACCESS Flyaway Sweepstakes where you can win an awesome new American Rag wardrobe worth $500, plus meeting and hanging with Cody!

You can check out all the details in the tweet from Cody below! Remember to work fast as it all ends on October 6th!

Alli Simpson Gets Stuck In Whose Sandwhich?! — Watch Here!!


Alli Simpson got stuck in a sandwich! She was walking around backstage when bam, she was stuck in a Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas sandwich. Be sure to check out the hilarious video of Nash and Cameron sandwiching people below!

“@allisimpson: Ahahahah cheers for the sandwich & @ :50seconds”

Is Cody Simpson Doing A Follow Spree?


Cody Simpson has hit 7 million followers on Twitter! He has been super busy playing sold out shows and recording music on his free time. His fan base has grown so much!

Congratulations on reaching 7 million Twitter followers Cody! In honor of this milestone he is thinking of a Twitter follow spree to celebrate tonight, head over to Cody Simpsons Twitter to see if he posts any details.

Cody Simpson Announced As Cover Star & Editor At Large Of ‘American Rag!’

Early this month, we announced that Cody Simpson would be teaming up with ‘American Rag‘ for #ARALLACCESS Campaign in which he would be modeling some of the brand’s fashions as well as giving his fans access to exclusive music, videos and sweepstakes. Well, if you loved that news, you’ll LOVE this!

‘American Rag’ has announced that Cody is now officially the cover star (pictured above) as well as the Editor At Large for “Ragged Mag.” We can’t wait to see what Cody will be posting for the magazine! Cody wasted no time getting to work.

Check out the photo below to see Cody skimming through the mag! Congrats Cody! :)

Cody Simpson Added To The iHeartRadio Australia Music Festival Line-Up!

Cody Simpson, everyone’s favorite Australian Pop heartthrob, is the most recent addition to the iHeart Radio Australia Music Festival Line-up! You can get your pre sale tickets here (they are on sale tomorrow September 3-September 10) and get ready to enjoy the night of your life!

Cody will join Miley Cyrus and Redfoo on October 18 at the Allphones Arena! Here we go, iHeart Radio!


Cody Simpson And Justin Bieber To Release Collaborative Album — Details Here


Pop stars Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson are planning to release a collaborative album. According to Cody, the two of them will unveil a record full of duets later this year.

“It is a smack bang duets [album]. Justin has been a good mate of mine for a while. It’s just us writing,” he told the Sydney Daily Telegraph. “He told me he felt like I’d figured myself out and have grown into what he knows I will be, so he was like, ‘I see you as that guitarist, singer-songwriter you’ve always wanted to be’. I play all the guitars on the album.”

Cody Simpson Is Ready For The Next Stage In His Career


Just on the back off his split with his records company, Cody has been talking about his career and how he is moving forward.

“Everything is going well at the moment,” Simpson told Confidential on the phone from his Los Angeles home. “Things are picking up. It is just like I’m on the edge of a new phase in my career and I’m starting to fall into my own, musically and creatively.”

He continued, confirming he had parted ways with America’s Warner/Atlantic Records but said it was too early to “make any announcements just yet” on his new label.

“I just actually finalised leaving my record label, I’d been trying to do that for a little while,” he said. “I’m moving over somewhere else. It was just time for me to find a new home and a new team and a new fresh set of hands on my project and a vision that matched my own.”

London, ON: Cody Simpson Is Coming To You!

Are you from London, Ontario?  Do you love Cody Simpson? What about going to AWESOME concerts? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you need to head on over and grab some tickets to Cody’s show on September 13th!

In a series of tweets, Cody told fans that they can come catch him for a show in London, ON next week and you can also look to upgrade your tickets!

Grab some tickets, enjoy, and snap some pictures for me!


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