Fifth Harmony Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of Their VMA Pre-Show Dance Party & Performance!


The ladies of Fifth Harmony sure are having one heck of a year. The ladies released their new hit single “BO$$” and fans are going crazy over it. In addition, Fifth Harmony attended the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards where they even won the Artist To Watch Award.  Not only did the ladies attend the VMAs and win an award but it was also the girls’ first ever appearance on the VMA stage!

In a new episode of Fifth Harmony Takeover from AwesomenessTV, we get a look behind the scenes of the group rehearsing for the VMA pre-show and performing on the actual VMA stage! Check it out by watching the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

Alli Simpson On Her First Boyfriend — Watch Here!!

Alli Simpson made a new video with AwesomenessTV talking about her first boyfriend! In the video she shares how she felt, how they met and how long they were together. The boy was older than her and he was actually Cody Simpson’s best friend, rumor has it his name was Jake Thrupp.

Check out the video below!!

What Is The Make-Up Routine For Fifth Harmony’s Ally?! Find Out Here!


The ladies of Fifth Harmony always look gorgeous no matter where they are – with or without make-up. However, have you ever wanted to learn some tips that the girls have for their make-up routines?

In their most recent episode of Fifth Harmony Takeover on AwesomenessTV, Fifth Harmony member Ally Brooke sits down in the makeup chair and gives us a step by step look at how her makeup is applied.

Although Ally’s makeup artist does her makeup for her, you can still learn some simple steps to get the same look as Ally! Check it out by watching the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

It’s Birthday Time For Brad Of The Vamps In The Vamps Takeover Episode 2 — Watch Now!

vampsAre you ready another fun episode of The Vamps Takeover from AwesomenessTV? In episode 2, it’s all about Brad Simpson! Why? Because he’s the birthday boy!

In this episode, we get to follow Brad (and the rest of The Vamps) throughout the day as he celebrates his birthday. We get great footage of the guys performing for a KISS FM audience with a surprise birthday cake, meeting and greeting with fans, heading to the venue and of course snippets of their performance.

Check out Brad’s birthday day in the video below and tell us your favorite part!

What Is The Post-Show Routine For Fifth Harmony’s Camila?! Find Out Here!


Currently, the ladies of Fifth Harmony are still touring with Austin Mahone for his Austin Mahone Tour. While we love seeing them perform numerous shows and sing their top singles, ever wonder what the girls do post-show? Luckily, we get to find out! In an all new episode from their Fifth Harmony Takeover web series, Fifth Harmony member Camila takes us on her post-show routine.

In the video, we find out that Camila makes her “famous” sandwiches for all the girls and she even shares some of her chef secrets. Check it out by watching the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

AwesomenessTV: The Vamps Takeover Episode 1 — Watch Now!

the vampsAfter AwesomenessTV had their Twitter taken over by the handsome British band The Vamps, they wanted to give a surprise to all Vamp fans. Originally planned for a release on Thursday, AwesomenessTV couldn’t wait themselves and revealed the first episode of a new web series called The Vamps Takeover!

With the guys currently on tour with Austin Mahone and Fifth Harmony, there’s no doubt this series is going to be awesome watch! Check out the guys as they do sound check, give a bus tour and more in the video below!

Make sure you also watch for new episodes of the The Vamps Takeover every Thursday!

The Vamps Are Taking Over An Awesome Twitter TODAY!

thevampsThe Vamps are invading AwesomenessTV’s Twitter today beginning at 6 p.m. EST/3 p.m. PST! Make sure you’re following AwesomenessTV and use #VampsTakeover to still send in your questions! Hurry while you can!

Alli Simpson Gets Covered In Egg Yolk While Playing Egg Trivia With Hunter March – Watch Here!


In an all new video of Alli Simpson, things sure get messy as she plays a trivia game with AwesomenessTV host Hunter March. In the video, the two play a game of trivia…with eggs! When one gets a question wrong, they get an egg cracked over their head.

By the end of the video, both Hunter and Alli get completely covered in eggs as they failed to answer some questions correctly. Some of the questions that were asked include history questions about their home countries.

Watch Alli and Hunter play Egg Trivia by watching the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

Fifth Harmony Tries Fair Food And Performs At The OC Fair – Watch Now!


Fifth Harmony is currently on tour with Austin Mahone and while the girls may be busy with the tour, they sure know how to make time for some other performances. Recently, the ladies performed at the OC Fair and AwesomenessTV was able to capture it all for the ladies’ web series Fifth Harmony Takeover. In the video, we see  them try different types of fair food, perform in front of their fans and also try some yummy desserts. Fifth Harmony member, Dinah Jane, even gets the chance to see her family as Orange County is her hometown.

Be sure to get a look at Fifth Harmony having some fun at the OC Fair by watching the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

Catch The Vamps On ‘AwesomenessTV’ Tonight!

the vampsIt’s about time for another all-new episode of AwesomenessTV! Make sure you tune in at 9:30 p.m. EST on Nickelodeon where AwesomenessTV will present the British hotties of The Vamps!

Are you ready for the awesomeness?


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