Logo2TeenInfoNet.com has the most talented staff in the news entertainment industry and we would like to introduce you to them.

Lee Winston, Owner

Lee Winston is the creator and owner of Serenity News which is the parent organization for TeenInfoNet.com. Lee started TeenInfonet back in 2007 and brings over 6 years experience to the organization.  Lee is responsible for Staffing, News Reporting, Legal, Celebrity Interviews, Marketing, Website and Social Media Management for TeenInfoNet.

Kayla Alarcon, President

Kayla joined TeenInfoNet in 2011 and has come up through the ranks to be the President of Serenity News. Kayla is a very valuable asset to TeenInfoNet and was trained by Lee. Her responsibilities include Public Relations, Staffing, News Reporting,  and Event Coordination.

Steve Watson, General Manager

Steve Watson was hired on 2013 and has rose to the rank of General Manager. Steve is doing a wonderful job for TeenInfoNet in reporting news as well as Public Relations. He is always eager to help TeenInfoNet out in every way he can, that’s why we love having him around. We are looking forward to many more years with Mr. Watson.

Laura Badmone, Chief Editor

Laura Badmone has quickly become a top notch writer/editor for TeenInfoNet. She is in charge of researching, reporting celebrity news as well as editing articles on the website. Laura’s writing skills are amazing and she has proven to be a key asset in TeenInfoNet’s news reporting machine. We are so happy to have promoted her to the Chief Editor on the site, and we hope she stay with us as long as possible.

Crystal Ng, Field Reporting Manager

Crystal Ng has been working for TeenInfoNet for quite some time now. She is our field reporter manager, as well as our top field reporter in the Los Angeles area. Her duties include finding events, interview stars, and attending all kinds of events in Los Angeles and Hollywood. We are so glad to have Crystal working for us as long as she has and we hope she stays around for years to come.

Sandra Stelmach, Editor

Sandra Stelmach has just been recently added to the staff in 2013. Sandra has proven herself to be a great writer and a great asset to TeenInfoNet. She is always posting the latest news on a variety of stars and she has a great way of sourcing new information.

Kayla Villano, Editor

Kayla Villano is the perfect new addition to TeenInfoNet. She was just hired in 2014 and has only been working for us for a short time now. In that short period of time Kayla quickly stepped up to the plate and has been able to post non-stop news for us. Kayla has also been an outstanding reporter for us, she goes all over NY for concerts, interviews, events and more. As well as traveling around New York to meet all different stars she does many phone interviews for us. We are so glad to have Kayla aboard TeenInfoNet and we hope she sticks around for a long time!

Kenny Kiriga, Editor

Kenny is always on top of the ball posting news the second it comes out, no matter what it is. He is a new addition to the site, as he was hired in 2014 and we are so glad to have him aboard TeenInfoNet. Kenny’s eager work ethic is what we love most.

April Dalaman, Editor

April Dalaman has been around working for TeenInfoNet for quite some time now. She is always around to do anything we need and eager to do more than what her duties consist of. April is a fantastic writer for our site and we are glad to have her apart of our TeenInfoNet family.