More Pictures of Miley Cyrus Dirty Hippie Gallery!

Miley Cyrus has been going crazy with the arts and crafts lately, posting a ton of pictures of her crafts to her social media sites.  Well, now we know the reason!  Miley’s Dirty Hippie gallery premiered today at New York Fashion Week during Jeremy Scott’s show!

Since our post earlier, more photos have surfaced and we have them here for your viewing pleasure!  We love how happy and proud Miley looks in each and every photo!

Pictures from Miley Nation

5SOS Fans Lining Up At House Of Blues In LA — Please Stay Safe!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 10, 5 Seconds of Summer will be performing at the House of Blues in LA.  Well, the fans have already started lining up: more than 12 hours in advance.

This fanbase, the 5SOS Fam, has no end to their dedication for the four Australian punk boys. But, we need to all remember to be safe while fangirling like crazy of the Australian hotties.

Nothing is worth getting hurt and we here at TeenInfoNet are with the boys. Have a great time, but please remember to stay safe!

Riley McDonough Tweets Single Tweet With All The Feels

Before You Exit’s middle brother, Riley McDonough, tweeted a single picture today that just had my heart screaming for the 19-year-old musician.

He may be young, but Riley knows exactly how to get all of his fans attention, that is certain! The Before You Exit fans surely went crazy over twitter, saying things like “it’s me,” “it’s me silly,” and “i’m here waiting for you.” Take your pick, Riley!

Riley obviously has a long way to go, but you never know.  Before You Exit takes its members all over the world so Riley has many opportunities to meet ‘the one!’

We hope you find her Riley, but in the mean time, continue writing and making amazing music! You might just get lucky, she may find you first!

Cristina Quiñones Is You, You Are Cristina Quiñones



Okay, so she is a great singer that just happens to have a killer contract.  Well, that doesn’t stop this 19-year-old from being,well, a 19-year-old girl!

Today, September 9, Cristina tweeted a few different tweets that lead me to believe her and I could be amazing BFFs!

First of all: she watches Grey’s Anatomy.

Second, she can eat 3 1/2 pieces of pizza and not even be sorry about it (#sorrynotsorry):

And finally there is the hair debate:

Honestly, Cristina I’ll give you my number and we can hang out, Pizza and Grey‘s marathon it is!

The stars: they’re just like us!

Take The Pledge To Win Demi Lovato Tickets! — Details Here!

Demi Lovato is an amazing celebrity activist. Just this weekend she headed down to Washington, D.C to speak about Mental Health Legislation, and now she is teaming up with the ‘It Can Wait’ campaign to encourage her fans to make the pledge to not text and drive.

We all know texting and driving is very dangerous, but even so we should all go ahead on over to the It Can Wait website to take the pledge.

But hold on, that’s not all.  If you take the pledge, you can win tickets to see the Demi World Tour on September 19! So quick, go take the pledge after watching Demi’s short video about #X:

First Look At Season 2 Of MTV’s ‘Faking It’


September 23 cannot come fast enough!  MTVs Faking It will be returning for a second season and “no secret is safe!”

Watch the season two trailer HERE and be sure to check out the Season 2 promotional video below!

You can also get tickets to watch the premiere with the cast on September 12 by clicking the link here!

Miley Cyrus Rocks Sparkly Pants And Jean Jacket In NYC!

Yesterday, September 7, Miley Cyrus was photographed leaving and arriving back at her NYC hotel.

The 21-year-old star was wearing a pair of sparkly purple pants, a graphic t-shirt and an oversize jean jacket as well as her new DIY sunglasses that she seems to LOVE.

Miley is never afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to fashion, and I have to say that this is a pretty simple outfit for her. Maybe not as simple as her Alexander Wang after-party look, but you get what I am saying.

Check out some more pictures of Miley outside of the hotel!

Rydel Lynch Skips Sound Check To Get Ice Cream With Girl’s Life Mag! — Photo’s Here!


Today, September 8th, R5 had a show in Baltimore.  Now, before every show, no matter what, musicians partake in a sound check to make sure everything runs smoothly for a show.  But Rydel Lynch has a bunch of brothers that can take care of that without her, right!?

Well, trusting her brothers she did as she ran out to Best of Luck Candy with Girls Life Magazine!  She took over the magazine’s Twitter account and shared some adorable pictures of their outing together!

Of course, Rydel and the rest of R5 still rocked Baltimore as always and Rydel was sure to thank both Girls Life and Best of Luck!

Awesome Demi Lovato Meet & Greet Pictures In Albany, NY!

She is quite possibly the cutest 22-year-old out there! If we are judging by these awesome picture from her meet and greet in Albany, NY  from yesterday September 7th!

The Demi World Tour has kicked off this weekend in Baltimore and yesterday, Demi took some adorable pictures backstage with fans.

The 22-year-old “Really Don’t Care” singer wore a black fedora over her new shorter locks, black overalls with a black and white plaid shirt tied at her waist.

Does she not look beyond happy in all of these photos?!

Photos via Demi Lovato News

Nick Jonas Is Just As Excited About “Jealous” As You And I Are!

Nick Jonasnew single, “Jealous”, released today and honestly, I think Nick is more excited about this than anyone else!

Nick is currently running around New York City working on promoting his upcoming self-titled album and the accompanying tour.  In the car this morning, Nick posted a video to Instagram of him rocking out to his own song playing on the radio!

Finally getting to listen to the song, we see what he meant when he said that “Jealous” is about his girlfriend, Olivia Culpo!

“You’re too sexy, beautiful/And everybody wants a taste/That’s why I still get Jealous!”

As the winner of the 2012 Miss USA pageant, it is no secret that Olivia is absolutely gorgeous and we can understand why even a hunk like Nick Jonas gets “Jealous” when other guys are looking at her!


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