Happy Birthday To Before You Exit’s Riley McDonough!

Today is Riley McDonough’s birthday, the middle of the McDonough boys and lead singer for their band Before You Exit!

Riley posted this photo to his twitter earlier, the details of his birth 19 years ago today!

*queue millions of girls sighing ‘awww’*

Happy 19th Birthday Riley, from all of us here at TI! Welcome to the land of, ‘only 2 years until I’m legal!!’

Ashley Tisdale Returning Home From Food Shopping — The Stars Are Just Like Us!

So they probably don’t sit in the aisle debating whether to splurge on name-brand Oreo’s vs. the knock off brands, but the stars still have to eat and to eat they need to go food shopping!

Yesterday, August 30th, Ashley Tisdale was spotted returning home with a friend from a trip to Trader Joe’s in Toluca Lake, California.

Her bum style, off the shoulder t-shirt, athletic shorts, and a messy bun, make me feel closer to Ashley than ever before.  And might I say, even in this relaxed look, Ashley is still as Fabulous as Sharpay Evans!

Photos from Zimbio

Ashley Benzo In A Jacket That Makes Our Wardrobes Weep! — Get The Look!

Whenever I watch Pretty Little Liars, I am always so focused on the Liar’s clothes.  They always look perfect!  I don’t know about you, but in school my go-to outfit was leggings and a t-shirt!  Sometimes, I would even squeeze into jeans.  But Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily are always dressed in head-to-toe accessorized perfection.

Well, as it turns out, the stars that play these characters also have an envy worthy fashion sense! While spending time with her sister and a friend, Ashely Benson was wearing a killer printed jacket! Ashley is always on top of her game, and last night was no exception!

But never fear!  You can steal Ashley’s look for only $65.60!

Dallas Lovato Shares Adorbs Photo On Instagram About Missing Her Sister (Demi!)

Dallas Lovato, yes the equally as gorgeous sister of Demi Lovato, posted an adorable photo to her Instagram account last night (Aug. 29th).

The photo is of a balloon and is addressed to her sister.  It reads:

“Demi I love you almost as much as this balloon is obnoxious! Okay…MORE! Love Dallas”

It’s so cute to see these two sisters sharing the love.  The two will be separated for some time as Demi is about to kickstart her ‘Demi World Tour’ in Boston this coming week, but hopefully Dallas will be able to catch a flight to one of her sisters shows!


London, ON: Cody Simpson Is Coming To You!

Are you from London, Ontario?  Do you love Cody Simpson? What about going to AWESOME concerts? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you need to head on over and grab some tickets to Cody’s show on September 13th!

In a series of tweets, Cody told fans that they can come catch him for a show in London, ON next week and you can also look to upgrade your tickets!

Grab some tickets, enjoy, and snap some pictures for me!

Alli Simpson Sleeps To The Sounds Of The Ocean — Jealous Yet? (I AM!)

Alli Simpson is blonde.  Alli Simpson is ALWAYS tan.  Alli Simpson is gorgeous.  Alli Simpson can sing!

But, obviously, we don’t have enough reasons to have one of those jealous loves with Alli.  So, just to make you a little more jealous of the Australian beauty, I think you should all realize that Alli fell asleep to the sounds of the ocean last night.  *Sigh*

After Pizza at the beach (see photo below)

Alli fell asleep at 2AM.  Sleepover at Alli’s anyone?

Are You Following Kat McNamara On Twitter? Because You Need To — Giveaway Today!

Kat McNamara just might be the QUEEN of giveaways! With that being said, Kat is going to be doing a giveaway later on today!  So, as the headline reads, you NEED to be following this gorgeous red-head on Twitter as soon as possible!

So many celebrities are just as in love with their fans as their fans are in love with them, and the relationship between Kat and her KitKats is one of those!


Nick Jonas To Direct Demi World Tour! — Video Here!

In a Q&A session with #WhatsTrending, a fedora wearing Nick Jonas talked about directing Demi Lovato’s world tour!

The 21-year-old has been busy lately with his new album coming out, an album that Demi is actually going to be featured on,but still manages to create time to work with Demi on her tour!

The Demi World Tour kicks off in Baltimore on September 6th and then Nick says that he is going to have to be back in New York to work releasing his album!

Here are some photo’s of Nick’s Q&A Session and acoustic performance with What’s Trending!


And the check out the Keek Video of Nick talking about the tour and his and Demi’s ‘exchange':


Ariana Grande On The Today Show! — Video Here!

This morning, the gorgeous and talented Ariana Grande graced the Today Show stage in New York City!

Here are a few of the things you might have missed.

First: four fans competed in a ‘sing-off’ Thursday for a chance to win VIP tickets to Ariana’s show this morning. Click below to see the surprise that unfolds:


And of course, there was an interview with Ariana where we learn that Ariana’s dream duet would be with Frank Sinatra!

And how could we ignore Ariana’s performance of her hit, “Problem?”

How awesome is she!?

Happy 21st Birthday To One Direction’s Liam Payne!

Wait, WHAT!? How did this happen? He was 17 yesterday!? No!

This is the hysteria that has taken over the internet during the early hours of today, August 29th, and more importantly Liam Payne’s 21st birthday!

Fans have been busy since yesterday as they got ready to flood twitter with “Happy Birthday, Liam” posts and pictures of his maturing looks from the last four years.

Liam and the rest of the boys of One Direction actually have a concert for their Where We Are tour tonight in Chicago. Last night, Liam’s mum and dad actually flew to Chicago to help there son celebrate this momentous birthday (it’s momentous in the states anyway!).

From all of us here at TI, Happy Birthday Liam! Have a great one and make sure you go buy a drink for yourself!

For the rest of us, lets just take a moment to watch Liam’s X Factor Audition when he was only 16 years old! My how the time flies!


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